Jail - Weekend Rules

Weekend Rules

  1. All weekenders will report to the jail at the exact time and date set by the court.

  2. Weekenders must provide a copy of the court order and copy of his/her medical card.

  3.  Anyone reporting under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be required to submit to an intoxilyzer test and will be sent home. A report will be sent to the state’s attorney’s office.

  4. A report will be forwarded to the state’s attorney’s office on any weekender failing to report to jail as ordered or turned away for not reporting on time as ordered.

  5. No weekender will be allowed visitors.

  6. Any medication that should be taken must be in the original prescription bottle and must be approved by the jail physician. Any other medication will be considered contraband. The medical department can be reached at (309) 478-5649.

  7. Weekenders bringing contraband into the jail will be prosecuted.

  8. No tobacco products, magazines, games, etc. may be brought into the jail. School books maybe an exception only when approved by the Jail Superintendent or Deputy Jail Superintendent.

  9. All weekenders will be required to pay their weekender fee in cash. Unless the court has ordered differently. No change will be made.

  10. Weekenders may bring in money to purchase phone minutes and welcome pack hygiene items only. No food commissary items will be purchased. Monies brought in to purchase these items will be separate from the weekender fee.

  11. No cell phones are allowed to be brought into the facility.
  12. All weekenders will obey all rules and regulations of the TCJC facility the same as if they were full time detainees. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary actions.

  13. When leaving from your weekend all monies will be returned in the form of a check.
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